Today is October 22, 2017 -

Campus Professionals

Ayeka’s campus educator program, in partnership with Hillel International, prepares Hillel campus professionals to learn and present traditional Jewish texts in a very accessible way.

Here’s how it works:

The Soulful Education Training Program for Hillel Campus Professionals begins with an intensive 3-day program in the serene environs of Capital Camps at the start of the academic year. 14 select young professionals ages 23–31 participate in the program together with their senior mentors.

The Fellows receive a customized set of study sessions relating to the Jewish calendar. The sessions are designed for low-pressure, social college learning environments. The goal of the curriculum is two-fold:

(1) for the Hillel campus professionals to deepen their intellectual and spiritual awareness of the Jewish calendar

(2) with thought-provoking themes and questions in their “back pocket”, campus educators have a great tool at their fingertips for conducting meaningful learning groups prior to Jewish holidays or simply welcoming students into Jewish conversations.

The sessions are presented by Ayeka staff to the Hillel Fellows in online group sessions 2 weeks prior to each holiday.

Individual campus trainings

Ayeka also conducts full Soulful Educator trainings for individual campus Hillels by request.

To inquire, please contact us at

Ayeka has been the most beautiful of paradoxes – personally validating and yet disruptive, thought provoking and yet so intuitive, empowering and yet charged with opportunity for further development and self-improvement. I feel personally enriched by the concepts of safe space, soul vs. ego stories, vulnerability, wisdom over knowledge, etc. These are not just a part of my professional vocabulary now, but deeply connected to the type of human I want to be in the world. – Rachel Gildiner, Director of Learning, Hillel International