Today is April 27, 2017 -

What We Do

Our mission is to provide teachers and individual learners with tools tobreathe life into Jewish text study and enable a personally relevant, meaningful, and life-impacting experience.

We work with learners and teachers everywhere: with every denomination, all levels of Jewish awareness/education and the whole gamut of learning styles.

  • Individuals:Ayeka for Two is a structured learning devices that enable anyone, anywhere, to find a study partner and learn Jewish texts in an open, meaningful, honest and vulnerable way. Read more…
  • Families:Becoming a Soulful Parentis a network of community-based parent learning groups led by expert facilitators.Read more…
  • High school faculties: we conduct 2-day professional development courses (+ year of follow-up), practicing methods for enabling safe space, vulnerability, and personal impact into any learning environment.Read more…
  • Campus educators:we conduct a special online year course for Hillel campus educators that includes the core of Soulful Education and handcrafted Jewish calendar sessions geared for college-level social learning events. Read more…
  • Community rabbis + clergies:our classic 2-day professional development course (+ year of follow-up) with additional sessions on personalizing sermons and adult education sessions. Read more…

How do we do this?

When we talk about tools and methods, here’s what we mean.

  1. How to introduce the subject personally;modeling being a work-in-progress and growing from the learning.
  2. How to listen to Jewish textsas if they are speaking to me personally, right now.
  3. What to say/do to create a safe educational space for learners to feel comfortable sharing personal thoughts without feeling judged by facilitators or peers.
  4. How to develop the right processing exercises that enable each student to discover his/her own personal voice in response to the text at hand.
  5. How to use imaginationto help students envision how they can be affected through their learning.
  6. How to help students take the learning to heart – strategies that encourage students to practically bring their learning into their lives.

People are looking for meaning. As a rabbi, my job is to help people find that meaning. The approach of Ayeka goes beyond just the lessons’ content and I can attest to it being very powerful. – Rabbi Loren Lapidus, Associate Rabbi, The Temple Atlanta