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Ayeka Musings

A Vibrating Seder

Published in Times of Israel by Aryeh Ben David
Posted on April 14, 2016

We’re going to try something new at seder this year. For the first time in years, we’ll be having an adult seder. Kids are older and the marrieds with the grandkids will be at the in-laws. What’s new? This year we are not buying new Haggadot. It seems that every year dozens of new commentaries Continue Reading »

Loving Our Students

Published in Ayeka Newsletter by Aryeh Ben David
Posted on April 19, 2015

By Aryeh Ben David   Recently, an Ayeka educator proudly described her successful teenage class dynamic to me. She said that usually a third of the kids actively participate, a third sometimes participate, and a third remains on the side throughout most of their activities. I paused, took a chance, and asked her: “When you Continue Reading »

If Matzah Could Talk

Published in Ayeka Newsletter by Aryeh Ben David
Posted on March 21, 2015

At the Seder we celebrate talking. The very name – Pesach – is referred to in the Kabbalah as “Peh-Sach”, “the mouth that talks”. Usually we understand this as the talking of the people sitting around the Seder table, reading and expanding on the words of the Haggadah. But what if the objects at the Continue Reading »

Parenting – For God and Love

Published by Aryeh Ben David
Posted on November 27, 2014

  One of the most surprising things for me as a parent has been how different my kids are from me. I guess it was naïve – but I just thought it would have been natural for kids to be like their parents. Though one could point out that I have turned out very differently Continue Reading »

A Recurring Nightmare

Published in Ayeka by Aryeh Ben David
Posted on July 20, 2014

I have had a recurring nightmare for over 20 years. During reserve duty in the first intifada I was sent at night with two other soldiers into the city of Hebron. Our jeep got lost amidst the endless alleyways and twisting dead ends, and we couldn’t find our way out. We got more and more Continue Reading »

Bringing God into – A Broken Heart

Published by Aryeh Ben David
Posted on June 3, 2014

There are different kinds of broken hearts. The kind that many of us experience occurs when someone we love dies, or a close relationship breaks down. We are left with the deep emotions – and no outlet to direct or release them. The sadness can be overwhelming. But there is another kind of broken heart. Continue Reading »

Vacationing with Kids

Published in Kveller by Dasee Berkowitz
Posted on August 28, 2011

A friend of mine once aptly said: “A family vacation is really just relocation, but without all of your stuff that makes your life easier.” And after our recent jaunt down to Orlando to introduce our daughter to her grandmother, I realized just how right she was. Seeing the family was a hit, seeing this as our vacation, however, Continue Reading »