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Our Mission

Ayeka provides the opportunity for Jews of all backgrounds and affiliations to engage in reflective study of Torah and Jewish wisdom, to discover their daily purpose and life calling, and to take measured steps to become their more authentic aspirational selves through this process.

  • We believe that the Jewish People are called to envision, yearn, and strive to create a world of blessing. Every individual has a unique, authentic, and essential role to contribute in this unfolding process.
  • We are all works-in-progress. We all need to continually reflect on our lives, behavior, and relationships and be open to taking measured steps of growth.
  • We believe that Jewish Wisdom, reflective practice, and compassionate support are critical in advancing and guiding each individual’s journey.
  • We believe the healthy and authentic journey, for both individuals and the Jewish People, needs to access and harmonize the 3 voices of the soul – mind, heart, and body.

AYEKA – “Where are you?” As the Jewish people, we are always being called by God to play a unique and essential role in bringing blessing to the world.

How do we do this?

Ayeka deepens both personal and spiritual connection. Ayeka uses Jewish wisdom, personal reflection, experiential exercises, spiritual chevruta, and setting concrete growth steps to guide both teachers and students on their life journeys. Ayeka’s replicable methodology provides a common educational language for teachers and facilitators

“People are looking for meaning. As a rabbi, my job is to help people find that meaning. The approach of Ayeka goes beyond just the lessons’ content and I can attest to it being very powerful.”  Rabbi Loren Lapidus, Associate Rabbi, The Temple Atlanta