Today is January 21, 2019 /

Becoming a Soulful Educator

Students often learn their subject matter while remaining emotionally detached. In the words of one principal, “Our students study and learn well, but their hearts are not into it.”

Ayeka’s Soulful Education approach enables teachers to bring whatever subject they are teaching to the hearts, souls, and lives of their students.


  1. Learning: Ayeka staff teach the principles of Soulful Education
  2. Experiencing: Ayeka staff demonstrate how these principles can be applied to any subject matter
  3. Doing: In small groups, high school faculty present subjects they are teaching using the Ayeka approach. Ayeka staff provide individualized, guided feedback.

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The training allowed me to remind myself that to be an effective teacher means that I have to open myself up; that I may have great ideas, but at the end of the day, it’s emotion that really touches people. I think that both our students and our teachers will find this approach impactful… Limudei Kodesh will go from something that is texts, and words, and laws to something that is meaningful, part of who they are, part of what they identify with. – Rabbi Gil Perl, Head of School, Kohelet Yeshiva HS