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Becoming a Soulful Educator

Who: Ayeka’s flagship program is Becoming a Soulful Educator. During a series of retreats, online mentorship/coaching and site visits, we train Jewish day school educators and administrators to teach Jewish studies using Ayeka’s methodology. These educators are taught how to then bring the approach to other members of the faculty, thus gradually bringing about a deeper change in the educational and spiritual culture of the entire school.

What: Ayeka’s Becoming a Soulful Educator began with training a few select schools across the country in Ayeka’s Soulful Education methodology.  Over the course of these multi-year programs, select Judaic Studies teachers will become proficient in implementing Ayeka’s paradigm-shifting Soulful Education pedagogy in their own classrooms, and will then advance to coaching other Judaic Studies staff members within their schools. The program include retreats, on-site coaching sessions, individual mentoring and virtual conversations for selected staff as well as members of the administration of each participating school.


  1. Atlanta Jewish Academy
  2. Bi-Cultural Day School
  3. Hillel Day School of Metropolitan Detroit
  4. Katz Yeshiva High School of South Florida
  5. Kohelet Yeshiva High School
  6. Luria Academy of Brooklyn
  7. Maimonides School
  8. Milken Community Schools
  9. Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School of the Nation’s Capital
  10. Netivot HaTorah
  11. Pressman Academy
  12. Robert M. Beren Academy
  13. Schechter School of Long Island
  14. Shalhevet High School

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“The training allowed me to remind myself that to be an effective teacher means that I have to open myself up; that I may have great ideas, but at the end of the day, it’s emotion that really touches people. I think that both our students and our teachers will find this approach impactful… Limudei Kodesh will go from something that is texts, and words, and laws to something that is meaningful, part of who they are, part of what they identify with.” Rabbi Gil Perl, Head of School, Kohelet Yeshiva High School