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Prayers of the Lost and Found: 10 Reflections on Becoming a Prayerful Human Being


What if our inhibitions are preventing us from having some of the most important conversations of our lives?
Prayers of the Lost and Found is meant to spark those conversations, not about prayer but inside prayer, to become more connected to our inner lives. 

This is a very personal book, describing Aryeh’s personal and vulnerable struggle with the challenge of prayer. Prayer is called “the work of the heart”. As such, it deserves “words of the heart”. Each chapter of this book is designed to be approached in dialogue with others and contains an original reflection, a commentary on the reflection, and trigger questions including a new approach to prayer for our time.This book will set you on a journey — to find your personal prayer, your guiding voice in God’s beautiful and broken world.

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“The act of reading Prayers of the Lost and Found felt like a prayer experience to me.  It is inviting, honest, and fresh; it shows a vulnerability that allows the reader to be vulnerable, as well.  It is filled with yearning and wisdom and I really think it will give readers new openings to experience prayer in helpful and satisfying ways.” 
– Rabbi Lisa L. Goldstein, Outgoing Executive Director, Institute for Jewish Spirituality

“Aryeh profoundly brings the Torah to life. Learning from him is like reading the book of Genesis for the very first time again. Experiencing that first hand was one of the most profound spiritual experiences of my life. Prayer, the essence of talking directly to the divine, has been made complicated over the centuries. I believe in Aryeh’s vision for what prayer is and can be and place in him my hope for a simpler, more profound way to connect. “
– Jordan  Fruchtman, Chief Program Officer, Moishe House