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Why Is Ayeka Unique?

The Jewish world offers many opportunities for teacher training. Most are focused on how to effectively transmit Jewish knowledge into the minds of students. Ayeka reaches beyond cerebral learning and helps teachers incorporate spiritual growth and personal transformation into their Jewish teaching.

Out of the various programs which focus on spiritual development, Ayeka’s approach is:

  • Straightforward
  • Widely accessible, regardless of the facilitator’s knowledge or experience base, and
  • Can be replicated across learning styles; educational settings; types of texts; age groups; and denominations.

Ayeka coined educational mantras such as:

  • “Where are YOU in your teaching?”
  • “Any learning without processing – never happened”
  • “Quality listening is the greatest act of kindness”
  • “What is your takeaway from today?”
  • “The most important moment in teaching happens after the class is over”

With Soulful Education, teachers and students are discovering that Jewish texts have something personal and meaningful to say to their lives.

Through its training programs for over 250 educators in North America and Israel, its online presence for over 4,000 readers, and its Soulful Education book, Ayeka has launched an innovative educational approach that is creating waves in Jewish education.

Aryeh Ben David’s presentation was the best I have heard in all my years at JLI. His Ayeka approach is so simple, yet sophisticated. It solves two of my (and maybe many  others’) biggest challenges teaching JLI: how to use the material to spur personal growth and how to encourage the students to interact and get to know each other. – Mendel B., Chabad Shliach, Plano, TX