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Hearing Your Own Voice: The Ayeka Haggadah


“The Ayeka Haggadah revives the ancient call of ritual, giving us a way to understand the containments we face today, as well as beginning a path to discover where freedom lives within us.”

– Mark Nepo, author of The Book of Awakening

Have you ever experienced a Passover Seder where you felt lost, disconnected, or wanted more?

We certainly have.

In response, we at Ayeka are thrilled to announce the publication of an entirely new kind of Haggadah:

“The Ayeka Haggadah: Hearing Your Own Voice”.

Now everyone at your Seder table can feel fully present, personally engaged and active. Complete with the full Seder text and filled with questions and activities that encourage self reflection, “The Ayeka Haggadah” helps guests of all ages come to the Seder ready to share, participate and connect with one another.

We invite you to transform “The Story” into “My Story”. Make your next Seder not only the recounting of a historical experience, but also the catalyst for each person to figure out, “Where do I fit in, right now, in the journey of my own life, the life of my family, and the life of my People?”

Place yourself and your guests on the journey of journeys.

“The Ayeka Haggadah: Hearing Your Own Voice” is available for delivery within the US & Israel with donations to Ayeka.


Donate in NIS below, 50 NIS per Haggadah.

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