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Becoming a Soulful Parent

Ayeka’s Becoming a Soulful Parent (BSP) program trains parents and educators nationwide to lead a different kind parenting group. Our groups:

  • Empower parents to listen to their inner wisdom and depend less on external experts
  • Inspire parents with insights from Jewish wisdom
  • Create deep connections for parents who are often ‘too busy’ for new friends
  • Open up pathways for personal and spiritual growth

With topics on love, cultivating presence and sibling rivalry, BSP is for parents who want to take time out of their busy lives to tune in to the parents they want to become.


Ever feel like everyone else got the memo about how to be a great parent, but yours got lost in the mail?

Ever wonder if you and your children would be happier if you helped them express their unique soul more and “managed” them less?

Need a reframe to help you see challenges with your children as opportunities for spiritual growth?

Us too. Let’s do this together. Join us for a FREE BSP Facilitator Info session on May 29th at 2pm EDT. Click here to sign up! 





Becoming a Soulful Parent it answered a need in my life; the need for connection, reinforcement and validation. — Mother of three

Becoming a Soulful Parent… made me feel less alone. I appreciated being able to devote time to my partner and discussing our children in the context of meaningful texts. — Mother of two

We are all trying to “do it right.” Having a cadre of fellow parents – all of whom make mistakes like the rest of us – who are willing to slow down the intensity of life with kids to connect, listen, reflect and consider the most soulfully wise approaches to raising children is refreshing and extremely helpful. — Father of two