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Our Impact

Becoming a Soulful Parent has been privileged to train facilitators who have led groups in Ashville, Boston, Bridgeport, Central NJ, Chicago, Miami, Palm Beaches, Pittsburgh, Poughkeepsie, San Diego, and Raleigh.

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“I believe this training should be a must for every rabbi, cantor and educator in the Jewish world. It represents a complete and essential paradigm shift about what is really important about Jewish learning, a shift that is sorely needed in our modern world.”- Becoming a Soulful Parent Facilitator

“The [Becoming a Soulful Parent] training was a unique gift and a rare opportunity. This training gave me the opportunity to reflect on the inner world of being a parent. When it comes to spiritual work and self-reflection, the work will always feel incomplete unless you have the opportunity to share and reflect with others.”-Becoming a Soulful Parent Facilitator