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Ayeka at Milken Community Schools!  

July 19, 2016
A word from Shawn Fields-Meyer, Ayeka Educator
The Milken team was deeply grateful to Aryeh for the Ayeka training!  It was a week of learning, spiritual wrestling, and exploration of our work as educators. By learning the Ayeka approach as a group, we also grew closer as a community of teachers. 
Our teachers say:
  • “Milken’s two-day Ayeka workshop provided us with powerful tools for teaching and curriculum planning that will make the classroom experience both spiritually alive and intellectually challenging.”
  • “THANK YOU for the excellent sessions! The two days of Ayeka training were stimulating and eye-opening…the techniques will guide us in connecting with our students, and helping our students connect with our texts in a more meaningful, personal and authentic way.”
  • “Aryeh is a master educator, modeling the essential qualities of the greatest teachers: humility, depth, reflection and passion.”