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Ayeka at Shalhevet High School!

July 19, 2016

A word from Ari Schwarzberg, Ayeka Educator

To close out our year, eight Judaic & General Studies faculty members of Shalhevet High School immersed themselves in two days of soulful education with the Ayeka staff. During these days we successfully abandoned the frenzy of finals, grading, and meetings to enter into a space of reflection and learning. Our time with Aryeh and Zvi caused us to reimagine our classrooms as transformative spaces where students and teachers alike are willing to be read by their learning. An Ayeka classroom asks participants to bring themselves into the material and engage in a process of self-growth and that’s we we did together. The real work was done while experimenting on practicums as we developed a feel for the Ayeka classroom and traversed into the depths of our personal stories and styles. Yes, it was awkward initially, but there was unanimous agreement that real reflection and processing must become a more central axis of the Shalhevet experience. Our cohort left the training, not only as better friends, but genuinely excited about making Ayeka a staple of our teaching and school in the coming years.