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Creating Soulful Communities

Published in eJewish Philanthropy by David Kahn, Chairman of the Board of Ayeka
Posted on July 24, 2018

When we at Ayeka began speaking about Soulful Education over a decade ago – and even dared to use the “G-word,” eyes rolled and conversations ended. Today, we see schools competing to bring their educators to our Soulful Education trainings where Ayeka helps teachers to focus on their inner lives, as a vital first step in transmitting Jewish values and teachings.

The outcomes are substantial:

  • More attentive listening; less posturing;
  • greater honesty and humility (“I’m a work in progress”);
  • more compassion and less jealousy (“Everyone else is a work in progress as well”);
  • improved teamwork and bonding – community progress can’t be achieved alone;
  • and the courage to keep daring and even fail.

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