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Book Review: A New Guide to Prayer

Published in Jerusalem Post by Rivkah Lambert Adler
Posted on December 5, 2019

In our library, we have many books about Jewish prayer. Some are about the history of prayers – who wrote them and when they became part of the Jewish prayer book. Some are meant to reveal the deeper meanings of Jewish prayers and what secrets are encoded in the Hebrew words. Some focus on what Jewish law says about prayer – under what circumstances this or that prayer is recited and why.

Rabbi Aryeh Ben David, author, founder and director of Ayeka: Center for Soulful Education, recently published a different kind of book about prayer. Rather than focus on specific prayers, in Prayers of the Lost & Found: 10 Reflections on Becoming a Prayerful Human Being, Ben David asks his readers to consider the activity of prayer itself in a fresh way.

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