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Thoughts on Corona

Published in Ayeka by Aryeh Ben David
Posted on March 15, 2020

It’s a time for harmonic vibrations. 

We need to model optimism, hope, and love. 

We’ll leave the panic and fear to those who want to instill panic and fear. There are those who believe that people will listen to them better if they raise their voices and shriek. 

We are not shriekers. 

We embrace the mystery of living in a soulful world. A world of surprise and the unfathomable.  

We need to be forces of healing. And we know that healing is not an exclusively physical domain. 

The plagues of Egypt were also for the Jews. We also needed to learn that “I am the Lord your God”. We need continual reminding of this ineffable mystery throughout our lives. 

And we do have continual reminders – in the beauty and love and kindness that we can choose to perceive, daily, in every minute, if we so choose. 

Let us be contagious viruses of optimism. Of gratitude. Witnessing the precautions taken is a sign of humanity’s love for people they will never even meet, for strangers, and the less powerful and more vulnerable. 

Pluck you soul string. You don’t even have to shake hands to do it.